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Celebrating 40 Years!

What does 14,600 days mean to you?  Probably not a lot.  But to Eli Porter, Bill Porter and Brian Dalton, it means a life of quality home building, right here in Englewood.  Eli Porter is president of Porter Contracting, Inc.  His father, Bill Porter, is one of the founders and Vice President.  Brian Dalton is a sales associate.  I have known for many years, and have witnessed how they have grown and have seen firsthand their rise to the top of the building industry.  

When Newport Homes was founded by Bill Porter and Darryl Newell way back in 1978, they had no idea they'd be putting their signature on more than 2,500 homes, plus the shopping center they are now headquartered in, in Newport Square.

The company has since changed its name to Porter Contracting, Inc., but the local commitment to the community remains the same.  Whether it's to service clubs, children's sports, Lemon Bay High School or any of the many different activities that make this and any other community great, this company has always been there.

Darryl went on to other things but Bill has been there since day one.  He was joined by is son Eli in 2001, forming Porter Contracting.  By the way Eli married Brian's daughter Jennifer.

Their homes can be found in Punta Gorda, Venice, North Port and of course Englewood.  The majority of their homes are in the Rotonda West area. They have built in Stillwater, Riverwood, Manasota Key, Eagle Preserve, Shamrock Shores and many more upscale communities.

Matter of fact, they are in the process of looking to build two homes in the million-dollar range, and have many for prices just a little bit lower than that figure.   There are thirteen models that they can build with many offering change to the current plan that you can pick and choose what best fits your wallet and taste.  When the housing market was going full bore, they were averaging a hundred homes a year built.  The market has slowed a little since then, but with their attention to detail, they are still one of the top builders in the area.

Porter Contracting homes range from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet, all built and outfitted by local contractors and suppliers.  Their homes have also been Parade of Homes winners.

By the way, 14,600 days is 40 years.  How many other builders have been around that long?  Trust me not many.

Written by: Lang Capasso


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