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Building with Porter Contracting, Inc.

We understand building a new home in Southwest Florida may be your dream, but understanding the process is key!

The following is only a Summary of what to expect:

Starting with the initial inspection of your lot, Porter Contracting, Inc., is transparent and up-front about all the things that’ll have to happen BEFORE construction on your home begins. Structural changes, removing earth, bringing dirt in, building a driveway or special foundation work will be discussed and factored into your project’s overall budget.  Pools, Land and Selections will also be discussed 

Knowing the costs up-front will save you money on unforeseen project additions.

Which leads us to one more point to consider before contacting any builder — knowing your budget before you call. It’s not always a comfortable conversation, but sharing your budget up-front allows them to help you make the right choices throughout the build process, ultimately saving you money.

Other than the type and style of the home being built, the elevation and environment where the home is being built is the largest factor affecting construction times.  

Pre-construction, banking and permit approval process needs to be considered when talking about time lines. 

Another factor that causes high variance in a time line is "unplanned changes".  When buyers insist on features or functionality of their new construction home during the building process.  (i.e., changes that were not scoped during the planning phase), delays in the process are almost always the result. 

Azalea Entry

Before any Builder can start building your home, the Lot must be prepared.  That means clearing trees, rocks and other items, rough grading and leveling for the foundation.  Permits are required for every build, and also required for Pools and Fences.  Charlotte County and Sarasota county each have requirements  and documentation which need to be processed before we begin to build. In SW Florida we also need to be cautious about Gopher Tortoise and Scrub Jays and other native species that could delay or affect a permit and time line.  Home Owners Associations also require documentation that must be completed before a build.

Blueprint Design

One of the best things you can do to ensure your project goes smoothly is to select everything you can before construction even starts. That means appliances, finishes, materials, textures — all of it.

These selections play a big role in how your new home will feel, and they tend to stick in the forefront of your mind during the build process. Which is exactly why we encourage our customers to make all of those decisions before we start building. Taking time to make your selections first will make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your project on time, on budget, and stress-free. 

We plan on spending at least 3 days with you to complete Selections during your visit with us.  

Out of Office appointments will also be made. 

All Selections Meetings are By Appointment Only. 

Our biggest piece of advice for anyone who wants to build on their own lot is to consult with us about your land.

We can not only help you determine the best placement of the home, but also whether or not you should build on a particular lot at all. You see, it’s easy to see the vision of your future home on an attractive piece of land, but it is wise to check it properly before any build.

You may own or inherit a piece of land or choose to work with a realtor to buy one. Whichever scenario, we suggest involving Porter Contracting, Inc., as you begin planning the home.

Some of those basic considerations, like utilities and sewage, are less complicated in urban areas. But regardless of where your land is, there are a few things you might not expect, like:

  • Cost of Lot Prep – This includes everything from necessary tree removal, to moving earth in and out of your lot.

  • Cost of Driveways – You’d be surprised how often people forget to factor this in, but you’re going to need a driveway.

  • Cost of Hooking Up Utilities – Gas, Electric, and Water will more than likely need to be routed to your new lot.

  • Water Flow – Does your lot have one or more slopes? How does water move about the property?

  • Unseen Ground Conditions – This is one the biggest reasons to involve a builder as soon as you can because the average person might not be able to tell what’s going on below the sod.

Deciding what you want for your dream home is exciting and an important part of the Building process.  We also understand people change their minds.  Change orders will usually extend the build time, especially if they occur in the latter part of the process.  Cabinetry, Tile and Specialty items can take weeks and sometimes longer for delivery.  When buyers wait until the last minute to choose or change their finishes, this can cause delays.  To limit the amount of time lost to decision delays, we maintain open communications throughout the building process. After all, throughout the construction process, there will be many decisions that you must make along the way. 

Couple and Architect
Palm Trees
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Architectural Plan

If this is your first time building a new home, you should understand two important rules of construction.

  1. Bad weather might mean delayed progress on your home.

  2. And just because you do not see anyone at the job site, does not mean your home is behind schedule.

Put simply, you don’t have to stress about whether or not your home is on or off schedule, because we will immediately communicate delays or issues that come up.  

Like any good relationship, effective communication with your home builder is the key to success and happiness.

This should go without saying, but do not hesitate to call us at the Office, or the Superintendent with questions or concerns. 

General email:  info@portergc,com

They say ‘seeing is believing,’ and we encourage all our customers to call and schedule a visit to their project site from time to time. We will talk with you at our initial meetings about further visits to the job site with the Superintendent. 

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